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Colonial Circle

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The Lake/South Side of Delaware Park

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#100 Bridge of the Three Americas
#101 Gala Water (now Hoyt Lake)
#102 The Statue of David
#103 The McMillan Monument
#104 The Marcy Casino
#105 The Rose Garden
#106 Beach Banks Picnic Grounds & Spire Head House
#107 The Ivy Bridge

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Buffalo Delaware Park_vintage

The Meadow/North Side of Delaware Park:

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#110 The Quarry Garden
#111 The Mighty Oak in the Meadow
#112 Flint Hill Memorial
#113 Delaware Park Lily Pond
#114 The Zoo Paddock

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Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden in Delaware Park

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#200 The Japanese Garden in Delaware Park
#201 The Strolling Garden in Delaware Park
#202 Path of the Imagination
#203 The Three Islands
#204 Olmsted and the Japanese Empire
#205 The Buffalo History Museum

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MLK Greenhouse and Shelter

MLK Jr. Park

#400 The Greenhouse and Park Shelter
#401 The Martin Luther King Jr. Monument
#402 The Children’s Crusade
#403 The Parade House

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Olmsted’s West Side

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#300 Fort Porter
#301 Perry Monument (War of 1812)
#302 Front Park Terrace
#304 Prospect Hill Parks (Prospect & Columbus)
#305 The Circle (now Symphony Circle)
#306 Days Park
#308 Colonial Circle / Richmond Avenue
#309 The Richardson Olmsted Complex
#310 Scajaquada Creek / Jesse Kregal Pathway

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