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The mission of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization, is to promote, preserve, restore, enhance and ensure maintenance of Olmsted parks and parkways in the greater Buffalo area to guarantee Olmsted park experiences for current and future generations.

His Legacy. Our Inheritance. Yours to Enjoy … and Support!

His Legacy. In 1868, after designing New York City’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted visited Buffalo and designed the first urban park system in the country.

Our Inheritance. Since 2004, the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, a membership-based nonprofit organization, has cared for and maintained Buffalo’s most historic treasure. The key to the Conservancy’s success has been the public-private partnership with the City of Buffalo and all of its generous park supporters. One-third of the $3.4 million annual budget comes from our trusted partner, the City of Buffalo, while the Conservancy raises the remaining two-thirds from members, donors, foundations and special events.

Yours to enjoy … and support! We invite you to enjoy your beautiful Olmsted parks … walk, jog, golf, picnic, play, relax and refresh. And we also invite you to become an Olmsted parks supporter. Your support today will allow the Conservancy to carry on Olmsted’s vision and maintain this historic gem for the generations of tomorrow.

Support Your Olmsted Parks

Our members and supporters are the core of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy. Your generous support allows our dedicated team to preserve, protect, restore and maintain the six parks, seven parkways, and eight landscaped circles … all 850 acres. We count on your financial support to keep our parks beautiful, clean, and safe for all to enjoy!

What’s Happening in the Parks?

BOPC calls for a more collaborative design of Rte 198 to ensure it becomes a park-appropriate road. Press release @…
- Monday Jul 24 - 6:07pm

What’s Your Olmsted Story?

About the Conservancy

The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is the first nonprofit organization in the nation to manage and operate an entire historic urban park system that consists of 850 acres of beautifully designed parks, parkways and circles.

Our mission is to promote, preserve, restore, enhance, and maintain the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed parks and parkways in the Greater Buffalo area for current and future generations.