Food Service Operator at Cazenovia Golf Course Concessions

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Request for Proposal (RFP)
Food Service Operator at
Cazenovia Golf Course Concessions (aka “Concession Stand”)

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The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (“BOPC”) is seeking to establish a creative partnership with a reputable lessee/operator for the Cazenovia Golf Course Concessions (aka “Concession”) located in Cazenovia Park. The Concession stand currently houses an Operator. BOPC is seeking one experienced lessee/operator (“Operator”) for an annual agreement with the option to renew. This is a city-owned and BOPC-managed property; therefore, all agreements must be in accordance with City regulations.


In 2019, BOPC renegotiated an agreement with the City of Buffalo (the “City”) to provide maintenance for the Buffalo Olmsted Parks and management of the facilities therein. Pursuant to City of Buffalo regulations a request for proposal (RFP) shall be circulated at the expiration of every operating agreement. A new Operator agreement is expected to be in place April 15, 2024, for operational engagement on or about May 1, 2024.
Olmsted, BOPC, & Facility Background

The Olmsted-Buffalo Story

Over 150 years ago, Frederick Law Olmsted came to Buffalo and with the consent of its leaders designed a system of parks in Buffalo connecting green spaces with parkways and circles to allow every resident to enjoy nature. His egalitarian vision sought to offer everyone – regardless of age, race, or socio-economic status – easy access to beauty and green space for healthy recreation and tranquility. The Olmsted Park System is recognized and renowned as the first one designed in the United States.

Today’s Park System

The Olmsted Park System is the centerpiece of Buffalo’s recent resurgence and represents nearly 50% of Buffalo’s parkland. As Olmsted wanted his parks to be used by the masses, that fact remains evident as with the recent pandemic, parks are now busier than ever. Park activity in Buffalo is a dynamic blend of active and passive activities, and use is heavy at times prompting a sentiment that the “parks are being loved to death.” Sports fields, playgrounds, turf areas and courts are all heavily utilized and require ongoing care and repair, coupled with preservation and restoration of the historic landscapes and features require(s) sustainable funding. That is where BOPC comes in.

Sustaining the System

Beginning as a friend’s group, BOPC evolved from pure preservation advocacy by voice in 1978 to include in-park active stewardship by hand in 2004. For more than one hundred years, the city cared for this valuable community asset, but as population and tax revenue declined, it became difficult to maintain the standard that Olmsted envisioned, and residents deserved. In 2004, BOPC embarked on a public-private partnership with the city to perform management and maintenance services for the park system in addition to its advocacy, restoration, planning and volunteer efforts.

Today, BOPC is the advocate and active caretaker for the 850+ acres of the Olmsted Park System which now sits on the National Historic Register. BOPC has demonstrated its value in the community, raising over $35 million in park invested support, and has retained its role in this public-private partnership with a renewed partnership agreement that spans 2019-2031. The current mission of BOPC, as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership organization, is stewarding the City of Buffalo’s historic Olmsted Park and parkway system to welcome and benefit all.

Site Location Information & Premises

Mailing Address: 1 Willink Ave, Buffalo, NY 14210 (Attachment A)

About the Premises

The current Cazenovia Golf Club House was built in 1964. Since then, the men’s club has added a large awning that covers the front picnic area of the building that is utilized as an additional dining area. The inside of the building is used by both BOPC and the Operator. BOPC uses a corner area for a golf check-in desk. The Operator is permitted to arrange the inside common dining area in coordination with BOPC. The Concession preparation area is separated from the open space by a roll down window that is locked when not in use. The Concession preparation area and dining area is the full responsibility of the Operator.

Current Operator Arrangement

The current leaseholder has been in the facility for over a decade. Most equipment, vending machines and furniture is owned by the current leaseholder (Attachment B). Should a new Operator be selected all such items will be removed by current leaseholder.

Parking and Deliveries

Next to the building there is limited parking with spaces for handicapped vehicles only, therefore the Operator will need to have all staff, including management, park in the lot west of the building (Attachment A). Operator may use the driveway for 15-minute loading and unloading. All deliveries of stock items, refreshments and other items used or sold by the Operator shall be made to the least inconvenience of Cazenovia Park operations. BOPC reserves the right to alter any delivery/schedule at any time, with prior notice to Operator should arrangements need to be made. BOPC is not responsible for attending to, nor assisting with, Operator deliveries.

Concession Kitchen Area

All equipment and equipment repair in the kitchen area is the responsibility of Operator.


As the facility is a public park building, Operator shall comply with allowing public restroom access during business hours of operation.

Operator Responsibilities

  • All cost of operations and management
  • All cost of goods and services
  • Licenses for operation, sales taxes on products or services that are provided hereunder, including, but not limited to, all federal, state, and local taxes, New York State Worker’s Compensation payments, unemployment insurance, payroll, and other taxes with respect to services provided.
  • 45% of the utilities (gas and electric) for the building.
  • Cleaning and general upkeep of entire building including the public restroom.
  • Any costs associated with equipment repair, general improvements, and facility upgrades.
  • Trash disposal and recycling.

A sample agreement is attached – Attachment C

Proposal Format

Successful proposals will include the following information:

SECTION A: Profile and Description of Respondent (weighted at 40% in BOPC evaluation)

  • Name and address of respondent.
  • History and description of business
  • Business license and/or applicable permits
  • Business References
  • MWBE qualifications, if/as available

SECTION B: Business Plan (weighted at 30% in BOPC evaluation)

  • Tentative hours of operation
  • Sample Menu
  • Projected Revenue

SECTION C: Bid amount (weighted at 30% in BOPC evaluation)

  • Bid amount for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

2024 RFP Schedule

  1. Distribution March 22nd
  2. Walkthroughs April 3rd (RSVP:
  3. Submissions Due April 11th (no later than 4pm)
  4. Decision April 15th

RFP Submission

RFP responses should be directed to Beth Downing, Deputy Director of Administration/Chief Financial Officer by April 11, 2024, no later than 4pm, and can be sent by either electronic or hardcopy as noted below:
Electronic submissions can be sent to with “RFP: Operator – Cazenovia Concession” in the subject line.

Hardcopy submissions can be directed to:

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc.
Attn: Beth Downing, Deputy Director of Administration/Chief Financial Officer
84 Parkside Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14214

An evaluation of the submitting firms will be conducted internally, and a list of businesses that meet criteria may be interviewed, as necessary. BOPC reserves the right to reject proposals or parts thereof. The BOPC also reserves the right to waive irregularities and inconsistencies or take whatever other action that is in the BOPC’s best interest. Statement of Non-Commitment Issuance of this RFP does not commit the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc. to award a contract or to pay any costs incurred in preparation of proposals responding to the RFP. Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc. reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and re-advertise. All proposals become the property of the BOPC.

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