City Within A Park

Join us for a once-in-a-generation opportunity to untap the full potential of Buffalo’s Parks. Together, we can steward a vibrant park system for all.

Park Cities are Stronger Cities. Today, national nonprofit research confirms what Frederick Law Olmsted himself knew and studied—that well-maintained and active parks support the community in three vital ways:

  1. Enhance local economies through talent attraction for businesses and increased home values
  2. Promote environmental resiliency through urban cooling and storm water management
  3. Improve mental and physical health outcomes for children and adults

Why “City within a Park”?

“City within a Park” is a phrase coined by Frederick Law Olmsted to describe what he sought to create in Buffalo when designing the nation’s first park and parkway system.

Frederick law Olmsted saw that potential when he came here in the 1860s and conceived of the first urban park andparkway system. His design created structure for our city that endures to this day.

BOPC’s role and commitment

The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s vision is to create an exceptional park network for all of Buffalo through equitable access to beautiful, quality and thriving parks; restorative green spaces that support our people and respect nature and the environment; and joyful opportunities to play, create, commune and discover.

Since 2004, we have partnered with the City of Buffalo to maintain and steward the historic Olmsted parks. “City within a Park” is an effort that is bigger than us. BOPC and the City are committed to working together to tap the full potential of Buffalo’s parks. The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation has committed to a match of $25M, and we need to raise $25M to sustain the operations and maintenance of Buffalo’s parks for generations to come.

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