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Statements of Support for the GBNRTC 198 Reset

By September 12, 2019October 1st, 2019No Comments


GBNRTC stands for Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council 

Liz McPhail, Board Chair, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

“The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy would like to commend Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation, and Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transit Council for taking this crucial step as a reset for planning the future of Route 198. With many vibrant community and environmental assets along this corridor, including Delaware Park – the largest of our treasured Olmsted parks – we need a comprehensive, community-focused vision for this roadway. As a Scajaquada Corridor Coalition member, the Conservancy looks forward to participating in this process with the GBNRTC to reimagine the Scajaquada Corridor and to reconnect, and better serve, our communities.”

Karen Stanley & Stephanie Barber-Geter, Executive Director and Chairperson, ROCC

“We at the Restore Our Community Coalition would like to thank the State of New York for bringing the Scajaquada project back to the table! There is much to expect from a holistic plan that utilizes the collective strengths of Hamlin Park, Delaware Park, Parkside, Black Rock, and Riverside. We are excited to work on a long-term solution that not only prioritizes the people and communities of Buffalo, but a plan that will bring this great American city into the 21st Century!”

Gobike Buffalo

“Gobike looks forward to collaborating with the GBNRTC and our community partners to develop a transportation system for the corridor suited to the needs and vision of the surrounding communities, and supportive of resident health and quality of life,” said Justin Booth, executive director of GObike. “Previous transportation studies conducted in the Scajaquada corridor have focused strictly on moving motor vehicles, but we’re confident this collaborative study will instead prioritize moving people and be inclusive of all community members transportation choices and necessities.”

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

“Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper looks forward to working with our partners, GBNRTC and New York State on the newly-relaunched Scajaquada Corridor redesign project. We will continue to engage in this community-led effort in order to protect water quality, restore ecological habitat and improve public access to Scajaquada Creek and adjacent communities.”

 Mary Ann Kedron MBA PhD, President, BRRAlliance

“The BRRAlliance wishes to thank NYS for its decision to take a more community-based look at the issue of the 198 by having the GBNRTC take on the project.  This road beats through the heat of our city and recognizing that all parts from West to East are important means that a more equitable and long-term solution will be found.  We look forward to working with this group for the benefit of all the Citizens of the City of Buffalo.”

 Louis A. Haremski, President, Grant Amherst Business Association

“The presence of the GBNRTC during this phase of the Scajaquada Corridor Project brings forth hope that a broader discussion of concepts can be addressed in the redesign of this roadway.  Through its resources, an urban planning component can be brought to bear which will address the needs of the community along the full length of the 198 as we move through this 21st century.  Hopefully, transportation in all its forms will be accommodated through a recognition of the value of all the natural resources which surround this roadway.”

Eric Harvey, President, Parkside Community Association

“The Parkside Community Associations is pleased to see the restart of the Scajaquada Corridor study lead by the GBNRTC. A robust planning project that assesses the environmental, social, health and economic impacts of this corridor and neighboring communities has the opportunity to create a transformational project that benefits all of Western New York and we look forward to being part of it.”

Barbara Rowe, Board President, Vision Niagara

“We’re confident that a better solution can be found for the Scajaquada Corridor that connects our neighborhoods, mitigates environmental damage and promotes revitalization. Vision Niagara commends NYS for opening that process.”

Brian Dold, Chair of the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition (SCC)

“On behalf of the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition, we thank Governor Cuomo and the New York State Department of Transportation for resetting this process and encouraging continued collaboration with community stakeholders. With their expertise in transportation planning and public engagement, the SCC believes that GBNRTC is the right entity to support this effort and we look forward to working hand in hand with them.”


About the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition

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