Buffalo and Erie County Greenway Fund

The shelter at Cazenovia Park, documents the lake which once existed with its shoreline up to the Casino building, which is not pictured but would be to the far right of the photo.

A Special Thanks to the Buffalo and Erie County Greenway Fund

It is with great honor and sincere appreciation that the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy receives its 2016 commitment of funding from the Buffalo and Erie County Greenway Standing Committee. We are thrilled at the news of this important award of support, especially as we recognize the ever increasing enthusiasm for Greenway projects and multiple requests for funding.

We are proud to be the stewards of 850 acres of Buffalo’s historic parkland – Olmsted’s masterpiece and our treasure. We are resolute in our responsibility to maintain its designed connectivity throughout city and region. These essential and impressive urban green spaces are the living infrastructure which improve everyone’s quality of life, environmental and health benefit, and community social engagement. We are confident that by enhancing and linking these spaces within and throughout the Greenway region, we are meeting our mission while providing the most valuable use of funding afforded for the benefit of all.

The Conservancy serves the entire public without gate income, tickets, parking fees, or other access restrictions. The funding we receive from the NYPA allocation for the Greenway, is truly essential for us to keep pace with the public’s needs and expectations as the parks are free for everyone. We are indebted for your support of our efforts, and proudly look forward to showcasing results with you and the entire community. Together we are making a significant difference. Thank you.

Stephanie L. Crockatt
Executive Director
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Helping us connect in our greenway communities

With the generous funding support from the New York Power Authority; the Erie Buffalo and County Greenway Standing Committee awarded the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy $557,980 of construction funds for much needed renovations to the Cazenovia Park Shelter Building and the adjacent pathways along with $50,000 towards the design phase of the Scajaquada Trail Phase 5 project through Rumsey Woods in Delaware Park. 

The Cazenovia Park Shelter Building will be renovated to provide handicapped accessible entry and toilet facilities, the deteriorating roof will be replaced, the deteriorating floor of the interior will be replaced, the building will be painted and the front door and windows replaced. The existing trails near the shelter will be refurbished to provide a smooth walking surface and to eliminate existing tripping hazards. The renovation of pathways and providing restrooms facilities accessible to all will help emphasize this major node within the Niagara River Greenway focus area. Improving and sustaining these existing resources is a key part of strengthening the integration of the Greenway into the fabric of the city helping to connect people and park users to the Greenway.

Restoring pathways, through the Rumsey Woods area will help strengthen the connection from Delaware Park to the Niagara River. Rumsey Woods is popular with dog walkers, joggers and nature lovers, however the trails are worn down to their rugged subbase material, poor drainage and erosion issues. The main goal of this Phase 5 project is to extend the Scajaquada Trail with a multi-modal path and trail network, formally connecting the existing trail to water based features in Delaware Park.  Path restoration should also benefit amenities like Shakespeare in the Park, Marcy Casino and Rose Garden.  This phase of the Scajaquada Trail is an important step in extending the trail to Forest Lawn Cemetery and the east side of Buffalo.