Buffalo Olmsted Parks System National Register Nomination Update

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Request for Proposals


Buffalo Olmsted Parks System National Register Nomination Update

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The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (BOPC) seeks a qualified consultant or consultant team to
perform an update and resubmission for the Buffalo Olmsted Parks System National Register
documentation in completion of a successful renomination.

The Olmsted Parks & Parkway National Register Thematic District was originally surveyed in 1979,
nominated in 1980 and entered into the National Register of Historic Places on March 30, 1982. The
document includes:

• Olmsted Parks & Parkway Thematic Resources
• Delaware Park/Front Park System (includes Circles, Parkways, Avenues, Parks)
• Cazenovia Park – South Park System (includes Circles, Parkways, Parks
• MLK/Humboldt Park System
• Riverside Park
• Parkside Subdivision (East) Historic District
• Parkside Subdivision (West) Historic District

This document is over 40 years old and does not include a complete list of resources, plus it lacks
specific information on resource types and a comprehensive history. Additionally, the Thematic
Resource designation is out of date and needs to be reverified and reformatted. All documents need to
be prepared for complete submittal and approval.

The purpose of this project is to produce documentation to better facilitate preservation planning and
give clarity to historic elements including but not limited to:

• An updated survey for each of the Olmsted parks and parkways
• Data collection of all resources with a reformatted nomination to a Multiple Properties
Submission (MPS) including:

  • a Multi-property nomination form (MPDF) for the entire system
  • updated individual nominations for the Delaware Park/Front Park System; Cazenovia
    Park-South Park System; MLK/Park/Humboldt Park; Riverside Park.

The survey shall be GIS-based using the NYSHPO’s Trekker mobile app and shall provide updated
mapping with accurate, clearly defined boundaries. The MPDF would establish broad registration
requirements and identify specific typologies and resource types within the Park & Parkway System
(such as parks, circles, parkways, avenues, art, lighting etc). The individual National Register
nominations would reference back to the MPDF, but provide more information for each park and
individual National Register nominations for each park. The narrative elements of the nomination should
not only update the incomplete history but contextualize and elevate the Olmsted-design park system in
Buffalo to a discussion of national-level significance amongst the other parks of the Olmsted Firm.

All of the work will be done in consultation with NYSHPO and BOPC. Additional consultation with the
City of Buffalo (COB) shall be undertaken to ensure documentation developed in revised State and
National Register nomination meets the criteria of local historic district nomination update concurrently.
The BOPC has limited staff and funding resources dedicated to this nomination update project and
welcomes creative strategies to secure any additional funding and/or training capacity for volunteer
training or utilization. Any funding strategies should be additionally noted as “optional components” as
outlined in section C of the submission requirements.

The Scope of Work is to include the following:

Phase 1 – Field Work and Trekker Survey of the Olmsted Parks System

NYSHPO’s GIS-based Trekker Mobile app, in resurveying each of the Olmsted parks and parkways.
Survey data collected for each resource should include but is not limited to:
1. Current photos
2. Location of resources (physical latt./long. location and any applicable address)
3. Date of construction
4. Architect/Engineer/Designer
5. Brief history of resource
6. Materials
7. Contributing/non-contributing status

Phase 2 – Nomination Revision

The Thematic nominations of the past are no longer used by NYSHPO and NPS. Thus the format of the
existing nomination should be updated to a Multiple Properties Submission (MPS) under current
documentation guidelines. Working from the format and framework of the original documents, it is
suggested the revised set of nominations could include but not be limited to:
Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF):

1. Olmsted Parks and Parkways of Buffalo, Erie County, NY Multiple Property Documentation
Form (MPDF) – cover document
a. Revised and expanded history of the Olmsted parks and parkways identifying historic
themes. Preliminary list of general themes in proposal.
b. Revised historic registration requirements for properties/ resources and refined
methodology for establishment of period of significance.

Individual Nominations:
1. Delaware Park – Front Park System
2. Cazenovia Park – South Park System
3. Martin Luther King Jr Park (former Humboldt Park)
4. Riverside Park

All individual park/park district nominations would require the following at minimum:
a. New and revised resource lists – based on survey field work.
b. New determinations of contributing/non-contributing based on the
c. Revised and current descriptions
d. Revised and expanded history and context specific to the park/park district.
e. Revised period of significance
f. New and more accurate mapping
g. New photography
5. Parkside West Historic District
6. Parkside East Historic District

While these residential subdivisions are broadly historically associated, no new survey is required by
NYSHPO at this time. Brief additional documentation, linking the existing nominations to the MPDF,
will be required for submission as part of this project.

Phase 3 – Nomination submissions and successful relisting on the National Register

Coordination with the NYSHPO, BOPC and COB will be required throughout the entirety of the
nomination update process. Consultation and submission of the nomination document to various
agencies for review, comment and incorporation of revisions will be required. The final benchmark
within the submission process is the successful listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The
consultation process will include but is not limited to:
1. Submissions to BOPC for review and comment
2. Submissions to NYS Survey and National Register Unit – Western NY Region staff for review and
3. Submissions to COB Planning Staff for review and comment.
4. Submission to COB Preservation Board for successful local historic district nomination update.
5. Submission to NYS Review Board for successful nomination to the State Register of Historic
6. Submission to the National Parks Service for the successful nomination to the National Register
of Historic Places.


The BOPC anticipates a total project budget not to exceed a maximum of $75,000. The BOPC anticipates
a project kick-off May 1, 2023, with all project deliverables to be due by no later than May 1, 2024.


All RFP submissions must be submitted in an 8.5” by 11” bound document format. Five hard copies must
be remitted, as well as an electronic file on flash drive.
Listed below are anticipated target dates and relevant times by which actions related to this Request for
Proposals will be completed. In the event that there is any change or deviation from this schedule, such
change will be posted on the BOPC’s website.
Event Date
• Issuing of Request for Proposals – 2/16/23
• Written questions from consultants due – 2/28/23
• Responses to questions sent by e-mail – 3/7/23
• Proposals due – 4:30 pm 3/30/23
• Presentation/Consultant Interviews upon request – 4/7/23 – 4/11/23
• Target award date – 4/14/23

Submissions must be received by registered mail or hand delivered and registered at the reception desk
at the address below by 4:30 pm on Thursday, March 30th, 2023.

Brian Dold
Director of Planning and Research
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy
84 Parkside Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214
All questions or inquiries regarding the RFP must be submitted in writing to Brian Dold, Director of
Planning and Research, brian@bfloparks.org. Questions and inquires will be accepted until Tuesday,
February 28, at 4:30 pm. Questions and responses will be responded to and sent to consultant who
submit comments (or request to be included on responses to questions) by Tuesday, March 7, 2023.


Submissions must include the following information in a brief and concise format. Proposals should not
exceed 20 pages, excluding resumes of key personnel. The BOPC reserves the right to request additional
information during the review of proposals and to reject any and all submissions.

1. Approach to Project. All proposals must state how the consultant or consultant team will
approach the project. The proposal should not only restate the Scope of Work but should state
any specific tasks that will be undertaken to accomplish the Project goals. The consultant should
also propose any tasks or subtasks that they believe are required. Each task and subtasks (if
appropriate) must include the staff that will be assigned to that task.

2. Experience on Similar Projects. A description of the similar projects, most preferably those dealing
with historic parks and cultural landscapes, most notably Olmsted-designed landscapes, that the
consultant has worked on must be included. At least three examples must include a contact person for
the project who may be contacted as a reference. Key staff assigned must at minimum meet the
professional qualifications standards of the National Parks Service outlined in 36 CFR Part 61.

3. Fee Proposal. The proposal should include a proposed fee for all services delineated by task as
outlined in the consultants proposed scope of work. Each proposal shall include a delineation of
all costs attributed to each site’s specific requirements. The cost proposal should include the
hourly rate of each staff member who will work on a task and their number of hours by task.
Any optional components or features recommended by the Consultant must be separately referenced
and include any and all costs attributed to such features. Reimbursable expenses
should also be listed such as lab fees, equipment costs, deliverables, consultant travel, and any
printing cost.


All proposals received in response to this Request for Proposals will be reviewed by an evaluation
committee consisting of representatives from the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy. Selection criteria
will be weighted to a total score of 100. The BOPC will evaluate proposals based on the following
selection criteria:

1. Completeness of the Submittal (10%): All required documents have been provided and the
submission presented in a clear and concise manner;
2. Proposed Scope of Work (30%): The proposed scope of work meets the parameters of this RFP
and the consultant clearly explains how each task will be accomplished;
3. Experience and Qualifications (40%): Experience of the team (including meaningful WMBE
contributions) on projects of similar scope and size, as well as the experience of the staff
assigned to each task; and
4. Cost Proposal (20%): Proposed total cost and the reasonableness of expense outlay assigned to
each task.


1. The BOPC reserves the right to stop the selection process at any time with or without cause. The
BOPC also reserves the right to reject any or all submittals.
2. The BOPC reserves the right to seek additional information from respondents and related
3. The BOPC reserves the right to reject members of a project team.
4. All decisions related to this RFP are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and
regulations, and the policies and procedures of the BOPC.
5. All costs associated with the preparation of the submittal, as well as any other related materials,
shall be borne by the respondent.


1. Ownership of Materials. All finished or unfinished documents, data, studies, surveys, maps,
models, photographs, reports or other materials resulting from any contract arising from this
RFP shall be the property of the BOPC. The BOPC may use, extend, or enlarge any document
produced under the contract without the consent, permission of, or further compensation to
the Consultant.
2. Disclaimer. This RFP and the process it describes are proprietary to the BOPC and are for the
sole and exclusive benefit of the BOPC. This RFP is not binding on the BOPC. No other party,
including any Consultant responding to this RFP or further Consultants to any RFP that may be
issued by the BOPC, is intended to be granted any rights hereunder. Any response to this RFP,
including written documents and verbal communication, with the exception in only certain
instances of materials marked as trade secrets or confidential, may be subject to public
disclosure by the BOPC, or any authorized agent of the BOPC. Any materials submitted or ideas
elicited in response to this RFP shall be the sole and absolute property of the BOPC with the
BOPC having title thereto and unrestricted use thereof.
3. Publicity. All publicity (including, but not limited to, news releases, news conferences, and
commercial advertising) relating to this RFP and/or the services or products sought by this RFP
and/or any contract awarded pursuant to this RFP shall require the prior written approval of the

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