COVID-19 Alerts, Closures and Updates

Stephanie Crockatt

Message from Stephanie Crockatt

May 29, 2020: Ten weeks into this pandemic, the beauty and serenity of our Olmsted Parks continues to unfold in a lush green. With the nostalgic sounds of distant mowers, the songs of birds and the aromatherapy of flora, we are fortunate to have such an outlet for peace, calm and respite.

A deep two-way appreciation is also unfolding, as we thank every neighbor, stakeholder and patron who has donated and contributed time and resources to our recent appeals and fundraisers. This support is a reciprocal sign of gratitude for our hard work and commitment. Such positivity and enthusiasm is what fosters hope and triumph.

Our nonprofit thanks you for following safe distancing guidelines, for wearing masks, for abiding by park rules, cleaning up after your dogs and keeping them on leash, and for putting trash in proper receptacles. We are appreciative to all who respect our parks and our hard work, in understanding our maintenance and restoration role. We are a better Conservancy thanks to a dedicated and respectful parks community.

Let us not lose sight of our interdependency and commonality. We have a social responsibility to one another; to protect and care for each other. As the days grow more beautiful so should our community spirit. Peace be with you all.


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NRPA COVID-19 Guidelines

Before heading outdoors into your parks and public spaces, please refer to the following resources to stay informed and educated on protecting yourself and your loved ones:

1. COVID-19 Outdoor Guidance by the NYS Department of Health

Read Outdoor Guidance

2. Using Parks and Open Space While Maintaining Social Distancing by the National Recreation and Park Association

Read NRPA Statement

In partnership with the City of Buffalo, the following park maintenance priorities are effective immediately.

The parks will remain open for passive use. There will be NO portable toilets available until further notice.

  • To manage the spread of germs in the parks, there will be no portable toilets available until further notice.
  • The parks remain open for passive uses.
  • All park amenities such as playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment, tennis courts and soccer fields are CLOSED.
  • Park users are asked to observe proper hygiene, and to take appropriate precautions with wipes, hand sanitizer, social distancing, etc.

Delaware Park’s and South Park's Ring Road are CLOSED to vehicular traffic as part of Buffalo’s continuing public safety effort to promote social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • By limiting the number of vehicles traveling and parking on Ring Road, park space will be maximized for passive uses like walking, jogging, and biking.
  • Mayor Brown stated, “I want to emphasize the importance of being physically distant while getting exercise in our parks. We continue to hear reports of residents playing basketball or other sports. These activities involve physical contact and can aid in spreading the coronavirus. Your health, your family’s health, your neighbor’s health, everyone’s health is on the line right now. Parks remain open but for passive use only. All playgrounds, skate parks, athletic fields and courts, golf courses and park facilities are closed. Buffalo Police will be patrolling to ensure compliance.”

  • “Public safety during this unprecedented time requires that we all do our part and follow leadership decisions,” said Stephanie Crockatt, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy Executive Director. “As the essential nonprofit partner managing and caring for the city’s Olmsted parks, the Conservancy thanks Mayor Brown for his directives pertaining to Delaware (and South) Park, and urges patrons to comply in reducing density issues in any city park. Partnerships and cooperation are vital. Sincere gratitude goes to the Zoo for opening their parking lot to the public.  We owe it to each other and our families to do our best, so please take heart, stay smart and keep six feet apart.”

Cazenovia, Delaware and South Park Golf Courses are open 7 days a week.

  • For opening hours of golf courses, season passes, golf rounds and/or to book a tee time, please visit
  • Golf carts are available for rent in person at each golf course, available on a first come first served basis

All public park facilities and buildings including restrooms, rental spaces, concessions, etc. will be CLOSED until further notice.

  • As part of the Governor’s requirement for restaurant closures, The Terrace restaurant and banquet facilities at the Marcy Casino are suspended until further notice.
  • Only Conservancy personnel will be allowed in Olmsted parks buildings as necessary.
  • Any current facility renters should contact the Conservancy for steps on reimbursement or rescheduling.
  • For more information, visit

Trash and garbage collection in parks to continue as standard. Park users should exercise social responsibility by disposing their own trash and leashing and picking up after their pets.

  • Trash and garbage collection in the parks will continue as standard.
  • However, as a measure to reduce risks to park workers, patrons are asked to dispose trash in totes found along park road and trail edges, or if trash is brought in, to please take it back out with you and dispose of it at home.
  • As per ordinance, please keep pets on leash, and remove/dispose of all pet excrement in proper receptacles.

Organized sports and major park events, festivals or gatherings in the parks are NOT allowed.

  • For updates and information on any events that are typically held in an Olmsted Park, please reach out directly to the event organizers.

Status of upcoming Olmsted events

Arbor Day Volunteer Tree Work on April 25, 2020 — POSTPONED

  • We are grateful to all tree care companies that have offered support.
  • This volunteer event is postponed till further notice.

Karma Klass with Megan Callahan — POSTPONED

  • This yoga series event is postponed till further notice.