COVID-19 Alerts, Closures and Updates

“Your Olmsted Parks are a tremendously valuable resource during this Covid-19 health crisis.  The lungs of our city are here, open to everyone with equal access. Please use your parks responsibly and respectfully, and follow the health and safety guidelines prescribed by the State, County and City.” – Stephanie Crockatt, Executive Director

Out of common courtesy and social responsibility, we remind you to:

  • Put trash in receptacles or take it home with you.
  • Please keep dogs on leash and clean up after them, as per city ordinance.
  • Look around and be mindful of everyone in the parks, and practice social distancing.
  • Wear a mask if closer than 6’ apart.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

Our operational team is here to continue their parks work, however they are not in a position of public enforcement. Olmsted staff are following our safety guidelines for outdoor operations, and appreciate your assistance in keeping us all safe and healthy.  Your Olmsted Parks have served us for generations, and only together can we stay Buffalo strong.

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COVID19 6-Feet Apart

In partnership with the City of Buffalo, the following park maintenance priorities and closures are effective immediately. Click on each of the priorities below to learn more.

The parks will remain open for passive use.

  • The parks remain open for passive uses.
  • Park users are asked to observe proper hygiene, and to take appropriate precautions with wipes, hand sanitizer, social distancing, etc.

Delaware Park’s and South Park's Ring Road are CLOSED to vehicular traffic as part of Buffalo’s continuing public safety effort to promote social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • By limiting the number of vehicles traveling and parking on Ring Road, park space will be maximized for passive uses like walking, jogging, and biking.

Trash and garbage collection in parks to continue as standard. Park users should exercise social responsibility by disposing their own trash and leashing and picking up after their pets.

  • Trash and garbage collection in the parks will continue as standard.
  • However, as a measure to reduce risks to park workers, patrons are asked to dispose trash in totes found along park road and trail edges, or if trash is brought in, to please take it back out with you and dispose of it at home.
  • As per ordinance, please keep pets on leash, and remove/dispose of all pet excrement in proper receptacles.

Organized contact sports and major park events, festivals or large gatherings in the parks are NOT allowed.

  • For updates and information on any events that are typically held in an Olmsted Park, please reach out directly to the event organizers.

Before heading outdoors into your parks and public spaces, please refer to the following resources to stay informed and educated on protecting yourself and your loved ones:

1. COVID-19 Outdoor Guidance by the NYS Department of Health

Read Outdoor Guidance

2. Using Parks and Open Space While Maintaining Social Distancing by the National Recreation and Park Association

Read NRPA Statement